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Health and Wellness Classes and Programs

As an added benefit for you and your family, we offer health and wellness education services that focus on body, mind and spirit. These services are designed to improve your quality of life and keep you and your family healthy. Most classes are held at the Center for Health Promotion located in our Santa Ana Medical Office.

Center for Health Promotion:
2212 E. Fourth St., Third Floor
Santa Ana, CA
T: (714) 628-3242 or (800) 469-4606 (toll free)
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Health and Wellness Programs

A physician referral may be needed for all health and wellness programs.

Nutrition Consultation

Patients receive individual consultation with a registered dietitian based on personal medical history, individual lifestyle and goals. This consultation can be helpful for individuals with diabetes; those interested in cholesterol management; individuals with acid reflux, food allergies or irritable bowel syndrome; and those interested in information on providing proper nutrition for their families.

Sweet Beginnings Diabetes & Pregnancy Program

This program is for pregnant women with diabetes, and those with gestational diabetes, who will be delivering at St. Joseph Hospital and are interested in learning about managing diabetes during and after pregnancy. Sessions are designed for mothers-to-be and their partners to learn how to monitor blood sugar and develop plans to balance food and activity levels. One-on-one counseling is available for those with special needs or concerns.

Many pregnancy and parenting classes are available through St. Joseph Hospital. Click here for details.

Asthma Education

The asthma management program for adults and children provides the tools needed to manage breathing. Participants are informed about asthma triggers, medications, peak flow meter monitoring and warning signs associated with asthma.

Health and Wellness Classes

Group Classes

A physician referral might be required for group classes.

Diabetes Awareness

This four-session diabetes class series is designed to help patients manage diabetes effectively and maintain optimal blood glucose control. Sessions focus on medication management, meal planning and blood glucose testing. (Free blood glucose monitors are provided in class.) Our expert diabetes care team includes diabetes nurse educators, registered dietitians and health educators, working together to help patients successfully manage diabetes on a long-term basis. Morning, afternoon and evening classes are available, as well as one-on-one counseling for those with special needs or concerns. For a flyer, click here.

Healthy Plate Classes

Eating healthy does not have to be complicated. These Healthy Plate Classes show you the way to better eating for lifelong good health for you and your family. Healthy Plate Classes cover the topics of: getting started, weight loss and maintenance, tips & tricks for successful change, how to add exercise and activity, blood pressure, and cholesterol. The Healthy Plate: Getting Started class must be completed first before attending the other classes. For a flyer on these classes, click here .